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"Nice little book, well done!"

Nancy Cook

"It was a lot of work on your end to put this together, nice job!."

Paul Fithian

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"I love it! Lots of newsy bits of info, and great illustrations!"

Joan Christie

"Witty, clever and smart. This book teaches kids a little about boat safety and Nova Scotia history, while mixing some whimsy and novelty. Love it!"

Meags Nadeau

"Well, you accomplished your mission in flying colours!"

Jim MacDonald

"Nice little book, well done!"

Nancy Cook

"It was a lot of work on your end to put this together, nice job!"

Paul Fithian

"Absolutely love your book! What a fabulous way to inspire young Nova Scotians. Excellent! 

The drawings are perfect for the book too. Bravo."

Janet Lugar Miller

"The book was great, it was a gift for my grandson. Well done!" Robert Gosse


In 2020 we were all dealing with COVID-19. We were stuck inside with not much to do. In order to go outside or be in public you had to wear a mask. Where we used to visit friends, family and travel on the weekends, we now were told to “Stay The Blazes Home”! I thought I should have a hobby to keep myself occupied on the weekends. So, I decided to build a boat, in our driveway. I bought a book, materials and built the boat you see today.

After the boat was completed my sister-in-law, Lou Brun suggested that I write a children’s book, so I did.

Sample Pages

sample book page
sample book page
sample book page


The story is loosely based on an event that happened in the Bedford Basin, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. As reported by The Daily News, September 2, 1993. “A very intense algae bloom was responsible for two fish kills in Bedford Basin last week. The process of decay consumed more oxygen from the water, causing fish, crabs, lobsters and eels to suffocate.” The animals climbed out of the water to get oxygen but in the process they perished. Around this time plans were in the works to divert wastewater and stormwater from the Bedford Basin and surrounding waterways. Further proof to the cleanliness of the Bedford Basin, is that it has not frozen over for 20 years since 1990 and only started freezing over after 2010 due to less pollution in the water. I believe that since the construction of new water treatment plants that service the surrounding waterways, the Bedford Basin has not been as clean since the start of this century.


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